New York City is making a $100 million public-private investment to grow its cybersecurity ecosystem.

Cyber NYC

Cybersecurity is both a global challenge and a global opportunity. Attacks, which are getting more frequent, complex, and costly, are also driving demand for more service providers, technology experts, and workers. Major private sector companies are now investing in this need. With a strong local customer base, including 45 Fortune 500 headquarters, a workforce over 4 million strong, leading academic institutions, and a booming startup ecosystem, New York City is uniquely positioned to lead the future of cyber innovation.

Through Cyber NYC, the City is investing to make New York City a global leader in cyber innovation and create 10,000 good jobs. Cyber NYC programs will develop the workforce of the future, establish the city as an international landing pad, and catalyze the next billion-dollar company.

To learn more about Cyber NYC, program operators, and the growing list of partners, visit the Cyber NYC program website.


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