Strategic Investments Group

NYCEDC's Strategic Investments Group provides customized solutions to help businesses and nonprofit organizations grow. We're your partner for business growth.

We develop customized, individualized plans to meet the specific needs of companies that are expanding to, moving to, or moving within New York City. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Financing;
  • Incentives; and
  • Real Estate.

The Strategic Investments Group has industry representatives who can assist a variety of sectors, including industrial; manufacturing and distribution; technology and bioscience; education and health; not-for-profit; infrastructure and energy; and certain commercial and retail activities. Whatever your sector or your need, we will develop solutions that will help your business or organization prosper in New York City. Our programs and business solutions are not limited to the resources NYCEDC has to offer; we can introduce your business to other agencies, organizations, and strategic partnerships that can help your business succeed.

Innovative Financing Solutions

The Strategic Investments Group at NYCEDC has helped hundreds of companies and organizations undertake capital expansions and reducetheir operating costs through the use of tax-incentives, bond financing and other programs. There are numerous financing programs available and we can work with you to provide estimates on the value of the benefits to your business and offer guidance throughout the application process.

We facilitate the use of the New Markets Tax Credit program for the financing of projects in low-income communities through NYC Neighborhood Capital Corporation and strategic collaborations with many national CDEs. NYCEDC works to source capital for NMTC-eligible projects to bring new investment into low-income communities.

Accessing Incentives and Financing 

NYCEDC can help your business identify tax credits and other financial assistance programs, estimate the value of those benefits to your business, and provide guidance on how to apply for these programs. Additionally, we can help your business undertake larger projects and access discretionary tax incentives through the New York City Industrial Development Agency (NYCIDA) and tax-exempt bond financing through Build NYC Resource Corporation (Build NYC).

Over the last decade, NYCIDA has closed more than 400 transactions, leveraging discretionary incentives to induce more than $22.3 billion in private investment and to retain or create more than 121,800 jobs. NYCIDA has helped hundreds of companies undertake capital projects, expand their existing operations, or relocate to New York City through the reduction or deferral of various transaction and operating costs.

Build NYC assists qualified institutions and other entities in obtaining tax-exempt and taxable bond financing to support building, expanding or upgrading facilities. Build NYC provides critical financing options to the City’s nonprofit organizations and other entities and has closed over 100 transactions, totaling approximately $3 billion in private investment.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Whether your business is expanding in or relocating to New York City, we can assist in identifying suitable space or development parcels for your business. We can help your business compare the competitive advantages of different locations throughout the city and identify available benefits and resources specific to each neighborhood.

Strategic Partnerships

From bioscience to beer distributors, museums to media and tech companies, we have helped companies with real estate services, unique funding programs, and capital expansion solutions that enable businesses to thrive in New York City. Let us put our expertise to work for you. 

Successful Partnerships Include:

  • Hudson Yards

    Last Updated

    Hudson Yards is an attractive location for businesses seeking affordable commercial office space.

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For more information or to get your customized business solutions started today, contact the Strategic Investments Group: 212.618.5737 or [email protected].