Strategic Investments Group

NYCEDC's Strategic Investments Group supports businesses, developers, and nonprofit organizations looking to undertake real estate projects and grow their operations, helping to further diversify and strengthen New York City's economy. 

The Strategic Investments Group (SIG) can develop customized plans to lower real estate costs; access capital; and help companies grow, relocate to, or expand within New York City. Through the use of tax incentives, bond financing, and a portfolio of investment funds, SIG negotiates deal structures and provides financing opportunities to foster growth across a variety of sectors, including: industrial; technology; bioscience; nonprofit; infrastructure and energy; and certain commercial and retail activities. Whatever your sector or your need, we will work to connect you to solutions that will help you prosper in New York City. 

Innovative Financing Solutions

Tax Incentives 

The New York City Industrial Development Agency (NYCIDA) lowers the costs of real estate projects for developers, tenants, and business owners using a mixture of property, mortgage, and sales tax reductions. 

Bond Financing 

501(c)3 organizations and other exempt facilities such as energy and infrastructure can access affordable debt through Build NYC Resource Corporation (Build NYC), NYC’s tax-exempt and taxable bond financing authority.

New Markets Tax Credits

Through the NYC Neighborhood Capital Corporation, SIG manages an allocation of the federal New Markets Tax Credit program which attracts private capital to finance projects in low-income communities.

Debt and Equity Investments

SIG has the ability to invest capital directly into an array of transactions, including co-investment and public-private partnership structures.

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    Hudson Yards is an attractive location for businesses seeking affordable commercial office space.

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For more information or to get your customized business solutions started today, contact the Strategic Investments Group: 212.618.5737 or [email protected].