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The Economic Research and Analysis group conducts analysis of projects in New York City and performs industry and economic research on topics affecting the City.

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  • Labor Force and Payroll

    Find information on New York City jobs, employment and wages.

  • Travel and Tourism

    From hotel occupancy rates, to regional air traffic, to the number of tourists visiting the City, explore the data and the trends that propel the tourism industry in New York City.

  • Demographics

    Discover NYC migration and population data, drilled down by borough, education attained, and more.

  • Living in New York City

    Quality of life is an essential component in the economic viability of any urban environment. NYCEDC regularly collects and analyzes data, from subway ridership to the crime rate, to determine New York City's quality of life trends.

  • Real Estate and Construction

    Find NYC real estate and construction activity, including vacancy and rental rates, all at a glance.

  • Impact Analyses

    NYCEDC regularly assesses the economic impact of major New York City events and attractions.

  • NYC At-a-Glance

    Access economic data and analyses on New York City's five boroughs.

  • Innovation Index

    The NYCEDC Innovation Index tracks the City’s transformation into a center for high-tech innovation. It measures innovation in the City’s growing science and technology industries and is designed to capture the effect of innovation on the City’s economy.

  • Production and Economic Activity

    NYCEDC analyzes tax revenues, venture capital investments, and patents in the city to keep abreast on productivity trends.

  • Industry Snapshot Profiles

    New York City boasts one of the strongest and most diverse economies in the world. Take a look at the following industry profiles to learn about some of the key sectors that drive the City's powerhouse economy.

News & Updates


    Generations in NYC, part 1: Generations 101

     |  NYCEDC
    This month we begin a series looking into the different generations of New Yorkers; what they are, how the differences between them impact New York City’s labor force, and how they affect the city’s neighborhoods.

    State of Manufacturing in New York City

     |  NYCEDC
    To celebrate National Manufacturing Day, the Economic Research and Analysis team at NYCEDC looked at trends in the manufacturing industry in New York City. We found that the sector is on the rise, employing over 78,000 workers in 2015, or 2.1% of the city’s private sector employees.

    The NYCEDC Innovation Index: A Closer Look

     |  NYCEDC
    The Economic Research & Analysis team updates their Innovation Index in order to quantify and monitor the status of innovation in New York City.

    Feast on Savory Stats: Fourth of July Hot Dog Prices Drop

     |  NYCEDC
    How do Americans celebrate Fourth of July? NYCEDC analyzed the Independence Day traditions of everyday Americans to answer this question.

    February Economic Snapshot: Small Businesses in NYC

     |  NYCEDC
    Small businesses are a hugely important part of the economy. The Small Business Administration recently cited that over 99.7 % of all employers are small firms across the United States. Small businesses are especially important in NYC, employing approximately 1.7 million individuals as of Q4 2014. Recently, the Center on Urban Future, a NYC think tank, found that just over 90% of all NYC businesses actually had fewer than 20 employees. According to their research, this is a higher percentage than all but one of the 363 metro areas across the United States. This month’s economic snapshot is zooming in on small businesses to review and analyze trends, post-recession growth and ownership demographics in NYC.

    December Economic Snapshot: Charitable Giving in NYC

     |  NYCEDC
    'Tis the season for giving! As the headquarters for many of the world’s largest foundations, New York State ranks first in the nation in charitable contributions. This month’s economic snapshot looks at the data on charitable donations to shed some light on the giving economy in NYC.

    November Economic Snapshot: New York City Commercial Office Forecast 2025

     |  NYCEDC
    The activation of commercial real estate is a critical means toward growing the middle class and advancing 21st century jobs. The November Economic Snapshot looks at commercial office development in New York City.

    August Economic Snapshot: Ferry Transit in New York City

     |  NYCEDC
    With Citywide Ferry Service set to launch in 2017, water transit in NYC is the focus of our August 2015 Economic Snapshot. Read on to learn more about the history of NYC's ferry service and highlighted stats about the upcoming ferry service.

    June Economic Snapshot: Immigrant Employment Trends

     |  NYCEDC
    NYC is home to the largest immigrant population of any U.S. city. Foreign-born workers are not only able to find work in NYC, but have also found opportunities to grow businesses of their own, with more than 47% of incorporated businesses owned and operated by foreign-born workers.

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