South Bronx Greenway

  • Hunts Point Landing
  • Hunts Point Riverside Park
  • Anheuser-Busch Connector
  • Food Center Drive
  • Randall's Island Connector (Photo Credit: NYT)
  • Barretto Point Park (Photo Credit: NYT)
Last Updated July 02, 2019

The South Bronx Greenway provides a framework and series of recommendations for concrete actions to create sustainable connections between the waterfront and the residential and business communities in the Hunts Point peninsula.


Released in November 2006, the South Bronx Greenway Master Plan is one of the primary goals of a comprehensive planning process for the South Bronx that began with the 2005 Hunts Point Vision Plan.

The Greenway will vastly improve access to the waterfront, provide much-needed recreational opportunities, improve transportation safety, and enhance the network of bike and pedestrian paths on the South Bronx peninsula while providing opportunities for compatible economic development.

The South Bronx Greenway has five guiding principles:

  • Support Safe Connections: Includes the selection of greenstreets that are not designated truck routes and that have the capacity for traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures, and the creation of a continuous, safe bicycle and pedestrian pathway along the waterfront.
  • Foster Community Economic Development: Includes the promotion of employment opportunities directly related to the Greenway and the provision of open space amenities near businesses to offer recreational opportunities and foster worker retention.
  • Improve Environmental Quality: Includes the restoration and creation of new ecosystems within the upland and shoreline to reverse environmental degradation and improve upland, riparian, and aquatic habitats.
  • Promote Urban Health: Includes the enhancement of routes with amenities and landscapes that contribute to the enjoyment of the outdoors and invite social interaction.  
  • Encourage Long-Term Stewardship: Includes the development of a landscape management strategy that ensures the maintenance of the Greenway and builds social capital through education and local participation in the future of the Greenway's implementation.

When completed, the Greenway will link existing and new parks through a network of waterfront and on-street routes and serve as a model for how and why sustainable infrastructure can be successfully accomplished within a community with limited access to its waterfront.

Current Status

  • Barretto Point Park: Opened in 2006, this 11-acre park is located at the southern end of Tiffany Street along the East River waterfront. The park features the recently reconstructed Tiffany Street Pier, a boat, kayak, and canoe launch, as well as a volleyball net, basketball court, playground, outdoor ampitheater, and relief stations. The park also features the Floating Pool Lady, a popular summer destination where residents can cool off and enjoy the sun in a half Olympic-sized pool located on a barge docked in the East River.
  • Hunts Point Riverside Park: Opened in 2007, this 1.7-acre park is in close proximity to the residential neighborhood in Hunts Point and serves as a gateway to the Bronx River. Adjacent to The Point's Riverside Campus for the Arts and Environment and Rocking the Boat, the park is a popular spot for kayakers, canoers, and paddlers from across the city. Once an illegal dumping ground, the park has been transformed into a waterfront oasis complete with a pier for fishing and a kayak and canoe launch. The park also features a spray pad and playground that pays homage to the Bronx River and is a popular spot for kids to cool down on hot summer days.
  • Hunts Point and Spofford Avenue Streetscapes: These streetscape improvements are a key linkage in the South Bronx Greenway system. The improvements include a new landscaped median on Hunts Point Avenue and median upgrades on Spofford Avenue, a new bicycle lane on Hunts Point Avenue, and additional landscaping and trees along both streets.  
  • Lafayette Avenue Streetscape: The Lafayette streetscape connects the residential core of Hunts Point to Hunts Point Riverside Park, a recently opened park on the Bronx River, in addition to serving as "negative truck signage," discouraging trucks from traveling through residential streets in order to access the industrial areas.  The project includes a new landscaped median, new water/sewer infrastructure, a Class II bicycle lane, street trees, and street furniture.  
  • Hunts Point Landing: Opened in 2013, the 1.5-acre Hunts Point Landing is a new public park located at the southern end of the Hunts Point peninsula, adjacent to the New Fulton Fish Market and the former Marine Transfer Station. Hunts Point Landing is a popular spot for local fishermen and includes a new fishing pier, ecological restoration through tidal pools, a kayak launch, and passive recreational areas.
  • Randall’s Island Connector: Opened in 2015, the Randall’s Island Connector is an at-grade access in the South Bronx to the 400+ acres of recreational amenities on Randall’s Island. It consists of a quarter mile pathway from 132nd St. to Randall’s Island. The pathway runs underneath the historic arches of the elevated Amtrak trestle and includes new lighting, landscaping, an at-grade rail crossing, and a pedestrian walkway and bikeway over the Bronx Kill.
  • Food Center Drive: Opened in 2015, this project re-oriented Food Center Drive from two-way traffic to one-way traffic and includes a Class I separated bicycle lane and over 100 new street trees and landscaping through the entire length of the road. This one-way conversion has improved the vehicular flow through the Food Distribution Center and created a safe access route to the new Greenway amenities for residents and local workers.
  • Anheuser-Busch Connector: Opened in 2017, Anheuser-Busch invested $1.6 million towards the creation of a public pedestrian and bicycle connection to the South Bronx Greenway that provides expansive views of the Bronx and East Rivers.

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