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Last Updated March 25, 2019

Launched in 2017-2018, New Yorkers now have a new, affordable way to travel between waterfront communities throughout the city with NYC Ferry.


NYC Ferry began service May 1, 2017. Previously called Citywide Ferry Service, NYC Ferry incorporates the previous East River pilot, which launched in 2011, and added five additional new routes in the summers of 2017 and 2018.

NYCEDC works closely with the Office of Mayor de Blasio throughout the launch and implementation of NYC Ferry. The service consists of six ferry routes, charges a fare of $2.75, and will carry over 4.6 million riders per year.

The service will further the mayor's goals of:

  • Providing affordable and convenient transit for communities with limited transportation options
  • Supporting growing neighborhoods
  • Increasing the resiliency and redundancy of our city's transportation network

Building on several years of ferry planning and operations experience, NYCEDC is the project lead with construction of new ferry landings, renovation of existing ferry landings, and managing the contract with Hornblower, the operator providing service on behalf of the City.

Current Routes

NYC ferry map

NYC Ferry launched in two phases. The Astoria, South Brooklyn, and Rockaway routes began operation in 2017, and the Soundview and Lower East Side routes in 2018. For more information about each route, please visit or follow the links below.

Astoria | South Brooklyn | Rockaway | Soundview | Lower East Side | East River Ferry

Community Outreach and Engagement

Engaging with community stakeholders, elected officials, businesses, and civic organizations is an essential component of successful implementation of NYC Ferry. NYCEDC has held over 400 briefings since announcing NYC Ferry with federal and local elected officials, regulatory partners, public and private waterfront property owners, and community boards, civic organizations, advocacy groups, and local businesses. If you would like to host a meeting with NYCEDC about NYC Ferry, please email us at [email protected].

Research and Reports

Over the past several years, NYCEDC has undertaken a number of studies and pilot projects that helped us to determine the landings, routes, and service characteristics that would best support NYC Ferry expansion. These include:

  • The new 2018/19 Ferry Feasibility Study, examining sites around the city for viability for future ferry service within the NYC Ferry system
  • The Environmental Impact Statement for the 2017 and 2018 landings, which is available through CEQR Access – search by CEQR number (15DME009Y) or by the previous project name (Citywide Ferry Service)
  • The 2013 Citywide Ferry Study, which investigated the potential for ferry service at nearly 60 sites throughout the City
  • The East River Ferry service, which began as a pilot in 2011 and has since been made permanent due to overwhelming success
  • ferry policy and planning document that reflected on the lessons learned from the East River Ferry and identified best practices
  • An earlier Citywide Ferry Study, released in 2011

News & Updates

Project Highlights

Projected to carry 4.6 million trips per year
550,000 people live within 1/2 mile of proposed landings
Fares will be $2.75
First three routes open in 2017

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Read the FAQ for more information on NYC Ferry that will begin service in 2017. 

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