Inwood NYC Planning Initiative

  • Future view from Sherman Creek at Academy St, looking west
Last Updated September 18, 2018

Inwood NYC is a comprehensive plan to ensure that Inwood remains an affordable, attractive neighborhood for working and immigrant families.

The Inwood NYC rezoning and related land use actions were approved by City Council on August 8, 2018. The land use actions are one piece of the larger Inwood NYC Action Plan, which is a framework for City action and investment in Inwood in response to the community’s needs.

Inwood NYC Action Plan

The Inwood NYC Action Plan will deliver over $200 million of new public investment to the neighborhood. These investments will create, preserve, and protect thousands of affordable homes, restore parks and open access to the Harlem River waterfront, and provide new STEM education opportunities and support for small businesses. Highlights include:

Support Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing

  • Creating an estimated 1,600 affordable homes on public sites and through the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) program, expanding Inwood’s affordable housing stock for the first time in decades
  • Preserving and protecting 2,500 affordable homes in Inwood and Washington Heights through new resources to prevent displacement and keep apartment buildings affordable

Connect Inwood to the Harlem River

  • Building two new waterfront parks, North Cove Park and the Sherman Creek Malecón—a major step toward achieving a continuous public esplanade along the Harlem River

Improve Neighborhood Infrastructure

  • Rebuilding and renovating existing parks, including the transformation of Monsignor Kett Playground into an intergenerational park and destination
  • Improving streets to make them safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists and upgrading sewer infrastructure

Invest in People

  • Creating a state-of-the-art Inwood Library with a new Pre-K for All facility, a youth STEM education center focused on robotics, and a cultural and job training center, along with 175 new, deeply affordable homes
  • Investing $50 million in local school infrastructure and expanded programming in STEM, including a new STEM Institute at the George Washington Educational Campus
  • Establishing an Immigrant Research and Performing Arts Center to celebrate the contributions of generations of immigrants to the rich history and culture of Northern Manhattan

The Inwood NYC Action Plan was the result of over three years of extensive engagement with the Inwood community. Responding to City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez’s call for action during his State of the District speech in March 2015, a City team led by NYCEDC began a community engagement process and planning study for the long-term future of Inwood. Since Spring 2015, this project has held over 25 bilingual public events, workshops, stakeholder meetings, and surveys and engaged over 2,500 community members and local stakeholders.

From this dialogue, the City and its partners developed the Inwood NYC 2017 Action Plan and released it in June 2017. The Action Plan is a set of strategies and actions to achieve the following community-identified priorities:

  • Protect tenants, keep existing affordable housing affordable into the future, and produce affordable housing
  • Connect Inwood east of 10th Avenue to the Harlem River and reclaim the waterfront for the public
  • Preserve and strengthen Inwood’s distinctive neighborhood character west of 10th Avenue
  • Invest in the people of Inwood by increasing access to workforce training and jobs, youth programming, and other services, and by supporting local businesses
  • Invest in infrastructure such as streets, parks, sewers, and community spaces

In January 2018, the City released the Inwood NYC Action Plan Winter 2018 Update to keep the community informed about progress in the six months after the original plan was released.

Inwood 2018 Update

Inwood NYC Plan de Acción de 2017 – Plan Completo

Inwood Rezoning

As part of the Inwood NYC Action Plan, the City proposed a set of land use actions, including a rezoning, which were approved by the City Council on August 8, 2018. The goal of these land use actions is to provide opportunities for permanent affordable housing; promote new retail, commercial, and community facility uses to create more jobs and opportunities; and extend the Inwood neighborhood east to the Harlem River.

To the west of 10th Avenue, the intent of the zoning is to preserve and strengthen the neighborhood’s existing built character and to protect its rent-stabilized housing stock. To the east of 10th Avenue, the zoning aims to extend this well-established mixed-use neighborhood eastward to the Harlem River. The proposed actions also established a Waterfront Action Plan (WAP) to build out public waterfront open space along the Harlem River, as well as the Special Inwood District (SID) to create walkable inviting streets and ensure that any new construction fits visually and architecturally into the surrounding neighborhood.

The zoning map changes, as modified and approved by the City Council, are summarized here.

Environmental Review

Environmental review, known as the City Environmental Quality Review process (CEQR), is an essential part of the planning process. CEQR is the City’s process for identifying the potential effects a set of proposed land use actions may have on the environment.

The City has completed a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which can be found here. A public hearing on the DEIS and Technical Memorandum 001 was held on May 9, 2018 in conjunction with the City Planning Commission’s citywide public hearing pursuant to ULURP. Written comments on the DEIS and Technical Memorandum were accepted until May 21, 2018 at 5 pm. Chapter 27 of the FEIS summarizes and responds to all substantive oral and written comments received during the DEIS public comment period. Following the publication of the FEIS, Technical Memoranda 002 and 003 considered modifications to the proposed project by the City Planning Commission and City Council.

You can download all environmental review documents on our Environmental Review page or on the website of the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination. Search for keyword "Inwood Rezoning Proposal" or by CEQR Number 17DME007M.

Key Documents

  • City Council Public Hearing Presentation (English), July 10, 2018
  • Manhattan Community Board 12, Land Use Committee (English) (Español), February 7, 2018

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