Programs for Entrepreneurs

NYC Solar Partnership

As a member of the NYC Solar Partnership with Sustainable CUNY and the Mayor's Office of Sustainability, NYCEDC has helped solar energy in New York City grow by over 800% in the past five years, making solar a competitive renewable energy source. 


The City supports the NYC Solar Partnership in their efforts to continue to reduce market barriers for investing in solar power, attracting solar energy companies to the city, and increasing solar energy production capacity. Over the next decade, NYC will aim to increase the development of more than 250 MW of solar energy on rooftops and in communities across New York City.


Solarize NYC: Solarize NYC is a new community-based program to increase access to solar. The program was designed as a derivation of the classic Solarize model in order to meet the unique needs of New York City's residents and businesses. Solarize NYC will offer short-term, local, community-led initiatives to bring together groups of potential solar customers through widespread outreach and community education. Additional resources will include marketing and outreach support, technical installer vetting, and initial solar lead screening by the NYC Solar Partnership.

NYC Solar Map: The NYC Solar Map is a free, interactive tool available to help all New Yorkers understand the potential for solar energy anywhere in the city.

New York City Multifamily Solar Guide: The NYC Solar Partnership published the New York City Multifamily Solar Guide as a resource for residents, board members, property managers, and other multifamily building stakeholders who are interested in pursuing solar PV so that they can understand the benefits of solar, what is required to install solar, and the steps for moving forward.

Additional Work

Through One City: Built to Last, the Partnership expanded its role to provide greater assistance with:

  • Permitting for solar installations;
  • Coordinating solar projects between City-owned properties and other entities 
  • Connecting installers and their customers to financing and incentive opportunities 
  • Providing installers, businesses, and residents with educational resources to help accelerate investments in solar power.


NYC Solar Partnership goals include:

  • Continuing to Reduce Costs of Installing Solar in NYC 
  • Assisting with Targeted Community Shared Resilient Solar Projects 
  • Promoting Group Purchasing of Solar Power – Solarize NYC
  • Supporting NYC-based solar installation companies