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CleaNYC is a holistic effort to keep communities across the five boroughs clean and enhance quality of life of residents.

The CleaNYC Program was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio during the 2016 State of the City speech. Applauding the City’s Quality of Life program, the mayor charged New York City Economic Development Corporation with expanding its successful Graffiti-Free program to add power washing abilities to clean sidewalks in heavily trafficked corridors in all five boroughs.

Cleaning New York City sidewalks will build welcoming, vibrant communities and business districts, ultimately helping our city put its best foot forward.

The Goals of CleaNYC 

  • Investing in quality of life for people in all five boroughs
  • Ensuring that commercial corridors are places where businesses can thrive
  • Creating employment opportunities for New Yorkers who need them the most
  • Improving aesthetics throughout communities
  • Creating clean neighborhoods at no cost to businesses and residents

Focusing on Clean Corridors Citywide

Initially, CleaNYC corridors will be selected by NYCEDC based on the following considerations:

  • Density of commercial activity (retail areas)
  • Areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, eg., areas with several bus/subway stations
  • 311 complaints for lack of cleanliness
  • Range of neighborhoods to ensure all five boroughs receive the free service

CleaNYC Trucks

The City has committed $1.8 million to the CleaNYC Trucks initaitive, and between 2017 and 2018, NYCEDC and Bortek Industries designed and built 14 trucks to clean city sidewalks.

CleaNYC uses a pressure washing system engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other methods. A multi-patented cleaning and recovery head cleans and removes buildup with no damage to the surface. As they clean, they reclaim waste water, recycle it, and reuse it. The results are a clean surface without wasted water.



CleaNYC 2016 Test Program

In 2016, NYCEDC launched a pilot, whoch cleaned sidewalks in commercial corridors in all five boroughs, including:

  • Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island
  • Church Avenue in Brooklyn
  • Downtown Flushing Transit Hub in Queens
  • Sutphin Boulevard in Queens
  • Jerome-Gun Hill in the Bronx
  • Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
  • 125th Street in Manhattan

NYCEDC used the knowledge gained in this test program to design and launch the current CleaNYC Program. 

View the map of corridors cleaned during program launch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the CleaNYC program operate?

NYCEDC will dispatch the cleaning trucks from designated bases in Brooklyn or the Bronx with two crew members in each truck. NYCEDC will determine the order of the commercial corridors based upon operational efficiency. The crews will clean one side of the street and then circle back to clean the opposite side of the street. For example in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the crew may start at Fourth Avenue and 62nd Street and clean the sidewalks on one side of the street until the crew reaches Fourth Avenue and 30th Street. The crew would then turn around and clean the opposite side of the street heading toward 62nd Street. 

How can I add my neighborhood to the corridor selection map?

CleaNYC does not target residential neighborhoods. For the launch of this program, a full year’s worth of commercial corridors were identified. After the program's inaugural year, we will consider additional locations for future sidewalk cleanings.

What are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation are midnight to 8 am.  

How long does it take to clean a corridor?

On average, it takes one hour to clean one block.

Are harsh chemicals used for cleaning?

There are no chemicals used in the cleaning. The advanced design uses only pressurized water and heat to achieve a deep, long lasting clean, while simultaneously reclaiming water and contaminates.

Do the CleaNYC trucks remove gum?

No, the cleaning equipment does not remove gum.

How can I get a job working in the CleaNYC program?

Email us at [email protected]



In April, 2017, Mayor de Blasio’s executive budget included: “Purchasing sidewalk cleaning trucks that can typically clean a heavily trafficked sidewalk area in a single pass for $1.8 million in capital funds to further the Mayor’s CleaNYC efforts.”

 CleaNYC Truck Specs


2016 State of The City Address

Mayor de Blasio Announces CleaNYC

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