Opportunity M/W/DBE


Opportunity M/W/DBE is committed to increasing diversity on NYCEDC projects by helping Minority, Women-Owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (M/W/DBEs) overcome challenges that may make it difficult to win contracts on public projects. 

Grow M/W/DBE Business Capacity

To foster a more competitive vendor market, NYCEDC works to eliminate two challenges often faced by M/W/DBE firms: Limited access to networks and information, and a lack of access to capital at affordable rates.


ConstructNYC connects small-to-mid-sized minority, women and veteran-owned as well as disadvantaged business enterprises with exclusive opportunities to work on NYCEDC Projects through contracts up to $1 million.


Providing capital to emerging developers who are working on real estate development projects in New York City.

Next Level Bronx provides customized training for small business owners to create successful, growth-oriented business strategies.


Manage Forward gives small business owners the tools, training, and networks to turn growth plans into action.

Kick-Start Loan Program

NYCEDC helps M/W/DBEs that work as either Prime or Subcontractors on our projects to obtain loan capital that can strengthen their financial position, enabling them to cover upfront project costs or enhance cash flow streams during the life of the project.

Capacity Building Program Alumni

We have compiled a list of all of the businesses that have successfully graduated from NYCEDC's capacity building programs. Review the list here to engage our graduates in your upcoming project. 

Increase Project Opportunities

NYCEDC manages a broad range of projects, and procure the consultants and contractors for these projects through public bidding and proposal processes. The winners of the bidding process are charged with bringing the necessary businesses on board to complete the project.

M/W/DBE Goals for NYCEDC Projects

We set M/W/DBE goals on projects with ample opportunity for subcontracting. Whether you are bidding on a project, responding to an RFP, or looking to buy City-owned land, there are different requirements for M/WBE planning and engagement.

Review the M/W/DBE process requirements here.

Network to Get Work Resources

Decisions about which M/W/DBE firms to hire to satisfy the goals set by NYCEDC on a particular project are made by the prime contractor or construction manager. As an M/W/DBE subcontractor, it is important to conduct outreach to bidders and recently awarded contractors to let them know of your interest in the project. View all the opportunities to connect with prime contractors and construction managers on our projects.

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

MWBE/DBE Certification

Get M/W/DBE certified by the following:

NYCEDC recognizes various certifications, depending on project funding. Learn about the certifications recognized by NYCEDC below:

Past Initiatives

Blueprint to Success

NYCEDC invests time and resources into promising M/W/DBE ventures looking to reach the next level of growth. Through B2S, selected M/W/DBE construction firms were given significant technical assistance that was highly customized to their business needs.

The Money Matters Workshop

M/W/DBE-certified construction contractors learned how to better manage their business finances with intensive, individual counseling workshop series sponsored by NYCEDC, BOC Capital, and Columbia University.  

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Director & Senior Vice President, Opportunity M/W/DBE 

Claudia Flores
Assistant Vice President, Opportunity M/W/DBE

Lucy Christensen
Assistant Vice President, Opportunity M/W/DBE

Stephania Ponce
Program Manager, Opportunity M/W/DBE

Paris Martin
Program Manager, Opportunity M/W/DBE

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