Upcoming Project Information

In an effort to provide more transparency, NYCEDC is making detailed information available for upcoming NYCIDA projects. Detailed information for projects that will be covered in the next NYCIDA Public Hearing on May 4, 2017, can be found below.

NYCIDA Public Hearing Notice - May 4, 2017

GV Art Conservation, LLC

Company Name: 

GV Art Conservation, LLC and Ludmer Properties LLC

Project Description:

GV Art Conservation, LLC and its affiliated holding company Ludmer Properties LLC is seeking financial assistance in connection with the acquisition, renovation, furnishing, and equipping of an approximately 5,000-square-foot building in Ridgewood, Queens


1637 George Street, Ridgewood, Queens, New York 11385

Type of Benefits:

Payments in lieu of City real property taxes, deferral of City and State mortgage recording taxes, and exemption from City and State sales and use taxes.

Cost of Benefits to City:


Projected City Tax Revenues:


Total Project Cost:Approximately $2,570,000
Current and Projected Jobs:7 existing full-time equivalent jobs, 1 full-time equivalent jobs projected in the next three years. 
Hourly Wage Average and Range:

$35.00/hour, estimated range of $25.00/hour to $40.00/hour.