Employee Profiles

NYCEDC is comprised of experts in everything from urban planning to real estate to marketing and public relations. Learn about our work and culture from our team and see how we embody NYCEDC’s core values:

Teamwork, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Passion.

  • Employee Profile

    Cristina Melendez

    Social Media Director
    “It’s so rewarding to work on projects that help bring about real change. I can point to an NYC Ferry vessel and say, ‘I helped launch that.’”
  • Employee Profile

    Tony Khoury

    Vice President, Internal Audits
    “I use my skills to save NYCEDC money. Knowing that the savings will be used to support public projects and programs gives me great satisfaction.”
  • Employee Profile

    John McGlynn

    Vice President, Accounting
    “Seeing the continued growth of NYCEDC as a positive force in New York City—and for the people in my team and department—is the most rewarding part of my job.”
  • Employee Profile

    Gale Rothstein

    Vice President, Capital Program
    “This was a newly created role at EDC, and the opportunity to build something from the ground up was very appealing. Once I researched information about the Public Design Commission (then called the Art Commission), I knew it would be a perfect fit.”
  • Employee Profile

    Tiffany-Ann Taylor

    Senior Project Manager, Ports and Transportation
    “I wanted to work in a place in New York City that would allow me to have a positive impact on people from a variety of neighborhoods.”