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NYCEDC is on Instagram!

To mark the occasion, we held a company-wide Instagram contest, receiving over 370 submissions from NYCEDC employees. We chose 3 photos that we thought beautifully expressed the vitality, beauty, and character of NYC.

First Place

"NYC Fleet Week Opsail 2012", Julie Gresack
This photo was taken during a boat cruise for NYC Fleet Week 2012 which featured tallships that only come once every ten years. Despite the rain, I heard a rumbling that wasn’t thunder through the clouds. I looked up to find that it was the Blue Angels flying over the Hudson River. I knew I had to have a picture of it and the moment turned out to be even better than I could have hoped.

Second Place

instagram 2nd place

“Sunday Night Baseball”, Darryl Zuk
As a life-long Mets fan named after the Met (and Yankee) great Darryl Strawberry, it’s hard for me to openly admit that I also support the Yankees from time to time...However, I am also a fan of the game. For me, a visit to the Bronx is somewhat of a homecoming, as my great grandfather immigrated only a short walk from the original Yankee stadium from Italy and my mom grew up there. This game was a good excuse.

This picture just happened to be a happy accident. As I emerged from the subway and hastily headed towards the gate, I looked up and was stunned by what I saw: a scene typically reserved for postcards from the Caribbean. The sky was ablaze with reds and oranges, mixed against deep blue and purple hues of the imminent nightfall. It was the perfect backdrop for the stoic arches of Yankee Stadium. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Third Place

"Evening at the Guggenheim", Rachel Van Tosh
I went to elementary, middle- and high-school right around the corner from the Guggenheim and have been introduced to many artists through the Museum’s exhibits. The Guggenheim is a unique structure that allows visitors to observe activity throughout the museum in one glance. It makes you feel like you are fully engulfed by both the art and the crowd.

These photos represent the timeless beauty and magnificence of the city, while showcasing our employee' s creative talents. Stay tuned for more photo contests and be sure to follow us @NYCEDC on Instagram!

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