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Made in NYC: Lua


Lua is a Made in NY startup with communication at the center of its mission. A classic startup story, the mobile communications company was established in 2010 by three friends in a Manhattan basement. The name, Lua, derives from an ancient Hawaiian martial art that emphasizes silent but effective communication. It's this philosophy that drives Lua's modern mobile enterprise with the goal of helping modern workforces coordinate and operate efficiently as one single unit.

We spoke with co-founders Eli Bronner, Michael DeFranco, and Jason Krigsfeld about Lua and why they are proud to be in NYC.

Lua FoundersWhat is Lua's mission?

Lua empowers instantaneous action by giving employees of real-time organizations immediate access to the people and information needed to get the job done so that they can coordinate with speed and ease.  

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

We were proud to have powered the NY/NJ Superbowl XLVIII this year. This was the most televised event in history and it was hosted right in our backyard. It was great to be able to stroll along SuperBowl Boulevard and see the staff members who were coordinating through Lua. It filled us with pride to be a company based in NYC.

Equally important to us was helping the Barclays Center open its doors in its first year in Brooklyn, and see it become the #1 selling U.S. events venue.

What is the best part about working at Lua?

Being immersed in a workplace that feels like you’re soaking in the Hawaiian landscape. Everyday is not about going to work, it’s about building a movement.  

Do you have any company traditions?

We’ve made our own “Lua” hot sauce in the past (pictured below) and distributed it to friends of the company. The recipe includes serrano, pineapple, honey, onion, garlic, and vinegar. 

We also took the entire company to Oahu, Hawaii, a few years ago, to have everyone fully soak in the culture. It ended up being one of the most productive two weeks we’ve ever had and inspired us to possibly open up an office in the islands one day. Imagine taking a quick 15 min break into the warm pacific ocean after lunch or starting mornings with a hike to a waterfall before 9 am.

What qualities do you look for in employees?

We look for people passionate about making a real impact in the world. We power stadiums, airports, disaster relief efforts, etc.. Our mobile-first product affects real businesses in real-time. We love the fact that employees can go to the Barclays Center for events and see Lua in action or order deliveries via eBay Now and come in contact with real users in the fields.

Favorite place in the city to nosh?

Onomea, authentic Hawaiian food in Brooklyn. Check it out and get the poke! 

Any advice for recruits/college graduates looking to work at a company like Lua?

Get out there and approach companies you’re interested in. Shoot founders a note—it’s easy to find our contact info online. Don’t just send a resume. Instead, explain who you are as a person and why you think you are a perfect fit for the company. 

Lua is hiring! Find more information about what they and other startups are looking for on our NYC Startups page.



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