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A High School Intern’s Experience at NYCEDC


This summer, New York City Economic Development Corporation invited select high school students to intern with the organization. Raymond Bell, a senior at Ralph R. McKee High School, interned with NYCEDC’s Development team, which is currently working on a master planning process exploring the future of Sunnyside Yard. In the below, Raymond shares some of his experiences as an NYCEDC intern.

A High Schooler at NYCEDC?

by: Raymond Bell

Being a 16-year-old high school junior isn’t the easiest thing, especially when you’re interning for a giant organization that is responsible for the majority of the community development throughout the five boroughs. And no, I didn’t get coffee for the entire floor or staple papers together all day. At New York City Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization that consists of teams of skilled and dedicated individuals with talents and expertise across many fields, I was able to work on projects that will permanently impact the infrastructure of New York City! At NYCEDC, I was given the honor of working on the Sunnyside Yard project, which is exploring decking over much of the 180-acre Sunnyside Yard in order to construct apartments, schools, parks, retail, cultural, and commercial venues in western Queens.

Looking at the Sunnyside

Working on the Sunnyside Yard project was a huge privilege! My role was to create a digital walking tour, showing the edge of the yard from an average New Yorker’s perspective. This creates an insight not only about how colossal this project is, but also how it will directly impact future generations of New York residents. I became captivated in the work I was doing. I felt like I was actually involved in the development of this project, which motivated me while I was working. It’s amazing to think about how this project will take decades to execute and will forever change how Sunnyside Yard influences western Queens!


These are just a few of the great pictures I was able to take while documenting the yard!

Who's the New Kid?

This opportunity was my first time working in a professional office space. The majority of my work experience prior to EDC was labor work, so this was an entirely new experience for me. Wearing suits and sitting at a desk is something that I wasn’t accustomed to, but I was able to adjust and adapt quickly with the help of my fellow EDCers.

With Gratitude

I genuinely loved my experience at EDC. My favorite aspect about working at EDC was connecting and working with such admirable and fascinating people. EDC is a very diverse environment with employees of many different races, ethnicities, and religions. This element certainly made me feel welcome and comfortable at EDC. The company helped me enhance my verbal communication and technology skills, while also challenging me to adapt to new environments. I truly appreciated this opportunity and would like to thank everyone at EDC who made it possible for me to have such a wonderful experience!




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