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BigApps: Advice from Previous Winner Dylan Goelz



Above, left to right: Roadify team members Dan Robinson, Brian Bush, and Dylan Goelz at the BigApps 2.0 ceremony.

We’re two days away from the NYC BigApps 3.0 deadline! Read on for thoughts from Dylan Goelz of Roadify, which won Grand Prize and Popular Choice - Second Prize last year. Roadify brings community to commuting by allowing people on the road to give and get updates that help make traveling in NYC easier. The app provides access to real-time information on parking, bus, subway, and traffic conditions from other commuters and official data sources like the MTA and NYC Department of Transportation.

What advice would you give new BigApps applicants?
Take care of your users and try and have fun with it. Draw straight lines to revenue if you want your project to be anything more than a hobby. Promote business value, rather than business ideas.

What were the most important aspects of winning BigApps for you?
Beyond the prize money—which was a great boost for our small startup—the press coverage was unrivaled. In an app environment where word-of-mouth is king, it helped us jump to new levels of downloads and utilization and we never looked back.

How has your app, company, or career evolved since winning BigApps?
Since winning BigApps, we have seen the Roadify user base grow substantially. Additionally, we've signed significant business deals and developed technology that will allow us to scale rapidly. Our next app release (Roadify V2) will have more data in more markets than ever before.

What are your future goals for your app, company, or self?
Our goal is to establish Roadify as the industry leader in personalized transit condition reporting. Our API (coming soon) will allow developers and enterprises to leverage the world's transit information efficiently and in a way that is tailored to the individual.

Excluding your own, what’s your favorite BigApps app?
I really like both Sportaneous and NextStop. Sportaneous is based on a really fun concept that makes it easy to find the sports you love. NextStop has a great, simple design (the #1 goal in the app world!) and is a wonderful resource for NYC subway riders to use in parallel with our product.



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