About NYCEDC video

Video: NYCEDC: Building Strong Neighborhoods, Creating Good Jobs

NYCEDC consists of teams of skilled and dedicated individuals with knowhow and expertise across many fields including community/neighborhood development, workforce development, real estate, industry and sector analysis, design, urban planning, marketing, engineering, financial analysis and more. But we all have one thing in common, a passion for New York City and its people.

All of our work at NYCEDC expresses itself in: promoting and growing quality jobs for all New Yorkers and in cultivating dynamic, resilient communities across all five boroughs. This strategy is shaped by five key principles:

  1. Investing in Infrastructure
    Invest in critical infrastructure across the five boroughs to support growth and connectivity
  2. Unlocking Human Capital
    Unlock the full potential of our human capital by supporting quality jobs and providing access to skills development
  3. Leveraging City Assets
    Leverage City-owned assets to realize a double-bottom line in catalyzing job growth and promoting innovation
  4. Making it Easier for Business to Start and Grow
    Drive sustainable, resilient growth by making it easier for business to start, grow, and thrive in New York City
  5. Cultivating A Global Capital of Innovation
    Grow New York City as the global capital for innovation by strategically investing in emerging sectors and encouraging traditional industries to adapt to global disruption

NYCEDC is dedicated to the creation of a dynamic, equitable, and sustainable urban economy. We are making sure that whatever happens next, happens right here in New York City—and that all New Yorkers are a part of it.