Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy

The Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy (WAVES) will create a new, sustainable blueprint for the City’s more than 500 miles of shoreline.


Mayor Bloomberg's wildly successful high-tech challenge

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Whitehall Ferry Terminal

NYCEDC completed capital improvements on the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in New York City’s Lower Manhattan area.


Battery Maritime Building

In Spring 2005, NYCEDC renovated the building to prepare the space for further development.


NYCruise Terminals

With millions of dollars spent renovating the Manhattan Cruise Terminal at Pier 88 and Pier 90 plus millions spent to build and complete the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in 2006, the NYCruise Terminals have become premiere ports of call.


East River Ferry Service

The former East River route has transitioned to the new, expanded NYC Ferry Service featuring lower fares ($2.75 per ride), onboard concessions, new boats, and more.


Sunset Park Vision Plan

Through a series of investments aimed at bringing aging infrastructure to good repair, professionalizing maritime and rail service, and increasing and diversifying job-intensive industrial uses along the waterfront, the Sunset Park Vision Plan lays out a series of short and long-term steps to strengthen the area as a center for industrial growth.


South Brooklyn Marine Terminal

Located along the Bay Ridge Channel in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) offers unparalleled access to a large and affluent consumer market. Short-term permitting opportunities at the SBMT are now available for businesses handling general cargo, special cargo, automobiles and other vehicles, break-bulk, other commodities, construction materials and equipment, and other maritime industrial uses.