Job Growth


New York is booming in more ways than you can count

 |  Source: New York Daily News


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of New York

Completed in 2009, NYCEDC and Pepsi opened of a new distribution facility in the Zerega Industrial Business Zone in the Bronx.


The Bronx Terminal Market

This Bronx Terminal Market features measures 1 million square feet and features a public park.


East New York Industrial Business Zone

NYCEDC is conducting a comprehensive study of the 100-acre East New York Industrial Business Zone (IBZ).


Hunts Point Peninsula

The Hunts Point Peninsula is a thriving industrial location in the South Bronx and home to the City’s primary food distribution facility, the 329-acre Food Distribution Center (FDC), where over 115 wholesalers generate more than $3 billion in sales annually.


Coney Island

For more than a century, New Yorkers and visitors alike have enjoyed the fascination, freedom, and diversity of the world-famous urban amusement destination known as "The People’s Playground."