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October 2017 Economic Snapshot

Wages increased in September, reversing August declines

Economic Data

September 2017 Economic Snapshot

Tourism grew at a brisk pace, led by arrivals from abroad.

Economic Data

July 2017 Economic Snapshot

Private sector job growth saw a sharp rise for the second month in a row, and a special guest joins the podcast to talk NYCxDESIGN 2017.

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June 2017 Economic Snapshot

It’s been just eight years since the height of the Great Recession, but now economists are debating whether New York City—and the nation as a whole—are currently in an era of “full employment."


#85: Is Perception Everything? What Construction Trends Mean for the Economy

With residential construction on the rise, what do construction trends mean for the New York City economy? And how are women leading this once male-dominated industry? Listen to the podcast to find out!

Economic Data

May 2017 Economic Snapshot

Things are looking up for New York City: economic expansion accelerated in the first quarter of 2017, and wages grew at the fastest rate in two years.


Employment on the Rise in New York City

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February 23, 2017Employment on the Rise in New York City

Economic Data

June 2015 Economic Snapshot

Immigrant entrepreneurship and population trends in New York City as well as our regular summary of the City's economy


August Economic Snapshot: Employment and Establishment Growth by Borough

Our August Economic Snapshot examines the industries driving employment and establishment growth in NYC. Manhattan still holds the greatest share of the city's total jobs but there has been significant growth outside of Manhattan as well.

Economic Data

June 2014 Economic Snapshot

Wages of men and women in New York City and the United States as well as well as our regular summary of the City's economy.