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The Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

I Made It Here

Find out how Katy Rubin, Founder of The Theatre for the Oppressed, NYC was able to marry her artistic side with her entrepreneurial side with the help of NYCEDC and New York Foundation for the Arts-NYFA’s Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp and make it in New York City.

“I saw the call for the Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp and I thought this is fantastic.”
Katy Rubin, Founder, The Theatre for the Oppressed, NYC

Business Need

Katy Rubin had a vision, to bring her experiential “popular” theater concept to the disenfranchised and communities facing discrimination of New York City. She wanted to give the voice-less a voice and provide them with opportunity to create their own plays as avenues of self-expression. But Katy did not know how to marry her artistic vision with the business side of being and artist.


Katy enrolled in the NYCEDC, NYFA Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp. NYCEDC provided funding for the program which gave Katy the tools she needed to make her theater a viable, sustainable business. Today Katy gets calls from various groups and organizations throughout the City to start a theater with them, so they too can participate, enjoy, and benefit from the experience.

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