Success Stories

Senvol LLC

"Being headquartered in NYC offers tremendous benefits to Senvol. Although many of our clients are global, a very high percentage of them have some presence in NYC, which makes collaboration that much easier."

Zach Simkin, Co-Founder, Senvol LLC

Business Need

Zach Simkin and Annie Wang, Co-Founders of Senvol, met in an innovations class at The Wharton School. They worked together on an assignment that involved business ideas in the 3D printing industry. While brainstorming for the assignment, Annie had an idea that would disrupt the distribution and supply of industrial parts on the business to business side. That idea was the seed that would later become Senvol. After further research and a few conferences on additive manufacturing—the business to business term for 3D printing—their idea crystalized and Senvol was born in the summer of 2013. Still, Senvol needed a shot in the arm to propel it forward.


That shot came when Senvol won NYCEDC’s NYC Next Idea New Venture Competition. The company moved to New York City and received six months freel rent at the Columbia Startup Lab and $35,000. Annie also attended World to NYC, another NYCEDC program. She discovered the richness of the startup community here, its diversity, and the opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. She describes the experience In New York City as a “startup safari.” And this was just the beginning of a long, successful, and disruptive business journey for Senvol.