Success Stories

Remains Lighting

"Staying in NYC allows us to maintain close contact with many of our clients and with the vibrant design and artisan community of the City."

David Calligeros, President of Remains Lighting

Business Need

To meet the growing needs of its market, Remains Lighting, a maker of high-end chandeliers and other lighting devices, sought a new manufacturing facility in the tri-state area.


Having narrowed its search to locations in Brooklyn and New Jersey, Remains decided on a building in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which was financed through assistance from the New York City Industrial Development Agency (NYCIDA).

With the support from NYCIDA’s Industrial Incentives Program, Remains Lighting was able to purchase and renovate its new facility in accordance with its long-standing commitment to energy efficiency and environmental preservation, incorporating diverse measures such as a high-efficiency lighting plan, awnings for temperature control, a green roof, and a solar array which produces about 25 percent of the facility's power needs. The renovation project also included the installation of variable speed drives on machinery and closed loop plating and patina lines to minimize material use and eliminate waste discharge during the manufacturing process.

For more information about their sustainability initiatives, please visit the Remains Lighting website.