Success Stories

Phoenix Beverage

Business Need

To handle its shipping needs more economically and sustainably, Phoenix Beverage had been searching for seven years for a waterfront location in New York City. 

Most of Phoenix's beer shipments were being handled at New Jersey port facilities where the "overweight" containers were lightened before the cargo could be legally shipped by truck into New York City. This added expense would have eventually forced Phoenix to relocate its entire distribution operation to New Jersey.


We relocated Phoenix from its current facility in Long Island City to the Red Hook Container Terminal, Pier 7, and Pier 11 where Phoenix will receive direct ship calls from Europe and South America bringing in Heineken, Guinness, and other brands.

The move will eliminate an estimated 20,000 truck trips each year. As part of its agreement with us, Phoenix Beverage will convert its remaining truck fleet to cleaner fuels. Phoenix Beverage will also retain or create 600 hundred jobs in the City.