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Puneet Mehta, Archana Patchirajan, and Sonpreet Bhatia were all working at Wall Street firms with well-paying jobs but wanted something more. They knew they wanted to create something innovative and start their own business. They heard about the City’s and NYCEDC co-sponsored first NYC BigApps competition in October 2009. The contest called for the development of mobile apps based on City data. The three Indian-born developers created NYC Way, a one-stop compendium of useful City information.


The three partners entered the competition and won several awards from BigApps judges and voters. Looking forward to a bright future, they quit their day jobs and formed MyCityWay, creating similar applications for other cities using multiple platforms. In April, the company’s dreams became a reality in the form of $300,000 in seed money from the NYC Entrepreneurial Fund, created by NYCEDC and FirstMark Capital to help burgeoning startups. From the germ of an idea to an innovative startup, Puneet, Archana, and Sonpreet made their first hires in the summer of 2010 - proof that entrepreneurship is alive and well and living in New York City.

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