Success Stories

Matrix Global Academy

"New York City IS fashion, and we want the stylists to return to their salons excited about our products. Our Midtown Manhattan facility has worked out great, and opening a second facility in the trendy Tribeca area will allow our stylists to get close to the heart of New York's culture scene."Francesca Raminella, Vice President/General Manager, Matrix US, L'Oreal Hair Products

Business Need

Matrix, a leading brand of professional salon beauty products made by L'Oreal, wanted to establish a new training facility. The facility would train hair stylists to effectively use Matrix products on their clients. L'Oreal also wanted the facility to house some of their employees for other brands.


Matrix considered establishing the training facility in New Jersey, as several of the employees who would use the office space were based there. However, Matrix believed that hair stylists would be more excited about training in New York City, which is known for its beauty industry. Matrix chose to open a 31,000-square-foot facility in the fashionable neighborhood of Tribeca. Approximately 120 employees work out of the office space.