Success Stories

Kings Theatre

“You give HireNYC your criteria; they vet potential employees and do a lot of the leg work for you-it’s such a useful and helpful resource.”

Jason Sandoval, Associate Director, Kings Theatre Business

Business Need

Jason Sandoval was working at the STAPLES Center in sunny Los Angeles when he was lured to New York City to take a position at the soon-to-be opened Barclays Center in Brooklyn. His experience in entertainment venue/event management was about to come in handy. Barclays Center was hiring 2000 people (out of approximately 30,000 applicants) in a short timeframe. That’s when Jason discovered NYCEDC’s HireNYC program.

“Having been involved with job fairs in LA and knowing how difficult it is to find and vet the right people, it [HireNYC] was really a big relief,” said Jason.  In 2015, Jason landed a job as Associate Director at the historic Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He had little to no staff on board and opening night was a bit more than a month away.


Once again Jason turned to HireNYC to pre-screen and vet potential candidates. Many of the candidates came from the neighborhood with a history and emotional connection to the theatre. 

As Jason puts it, “HireNYC does a lot of the work for you and reaching out to the community makes it a win-win.” They sifted through over 3,000 applications and sent the ‘right’ people through the interview process. In less than a month, out of a pool of 3,000 potential employees, over 150 were vetted, hired and trained. From supervisors to ushers and ticket sellers, the curtain went up on the rebirth of one of this city’s most precious architectural and cultural jewels.  Since then Jason has recommended HireNYC to several other local businesses. He says, “There are so many benefits, they can do it faster, better, and smoother than any one person. It really is a no-brainer.”

All photos by Mark Doyle