Success Stories

DecisionDesk Inc.

"The reason I love building a company in New York City is that it's a place where you can be constantly inspired and motivated by the prior greatness all around you at the highest possible level."

Marc Plotkin, Co-Founder, DecisionDesk

Business Need

DecisionDesk is a web-based service that streamlines the application submission and review process for universities and businesses. It eliminates the need for on-site equipment and storage, reduces processing time, and allows access for off-site employees.

Co-founders Marc Plotkin, John Knific, and Eric Neuman met at college in 2005. Marc and John were music majors while Eric pursued a degree in computer science. The idea for DecisionDesk came about when the team demoed an earlier software project for the Dean of the Cleveland Institute of Music. At the meeting, the Dean opened his desk drawer, showed them the hundreds of audition DVD’s, and asked if they could come up with an easier way to submit, review, and share applications.

New software was created and shopped to Angel investors, but the team went their separate ways upon graduation. Soon after, Marc got a call from an interested investor just as he had started work in New York City at a recording studio—and DecisionDesk was born!

DecisionDesk’s office in New York City is completely cloud-based. Its programmers are constantly pushing out new code and its business development team uses Skype and Google Voice for all communications. In order for DecisionDesk to grow, it needed better high-speed internet service.


Marc learned about NYCEDC’s ConnectNYC, a program that provides free, high-speed fiber optic connection to winning applicants. Marc applied and DecisionsDesk was selected to receive the service. Marc and his partners believe that this will dramatically increase productivity and grow their business, increasing capacity and creating new jobs.  For DecisionDesk, applying to ConnectNYC was a good business decision.