Success Stories

BarDen Contracting Services, LLC

“New York City is the capitol of the world and I love what the City is doing and what we are doing to make it better.  I can’t thank NYCEDC enough for all of the help and benefits that we have received through the Blueprint to Success program”  

D’Ann Ricketts, President/CEM, BarDen Contracting Services

Business Need

In 2000, born and bred New Yorker, D’Ann Ricketts and her husband and business partner founded BarDen Contracting, an M/W/DBE sub-contractor that worked on various jobs throughout the City. Running the company was challenging, especially collecting funds for completed work. Nevertheless, the couple remained self-sufficient and self-reliant, taking pride in their work and never contracting out. Despite their efforts, D'Ann and her husband eventually moved to Florida with the hope of returning to the City at some point. In 2011 they decided that it was time to give it another shot. They moved back, set up shop in a temporary space, and started looking for different and innovative avenues to grow and move the business forward. 


In her research, D’Ann discovered various programs that the City and NYCEDC were offering to smaller M/W/DBE businesses. She applied and was accepted into the Blueprint to Success program. D’Ann received individualized mentoring, one-on-one sessions, and networking opportunities with general contractors and construction managers from larger construction firms around the city. What D’Ann learned helped to catapult her business and BarDen started landing contracts. At the same time, the company was able to move to a permanent space in Jamaica, Queens, hired a part-time office worker, and is currently looking for a full-time, experienced project manager. D’Ann remains active in the program and believes she and her husband would not have “made it” this quickly without the help of Blueprint to Success.