Economic Snapshots

  • December 2016 Economic Snapshot: The Economics of Culture and Charity

    Ever wondered how many charities are in New York City - or how many people they employ? Or how much money museums bring in? Simon and Andrew discuss the recent employment numbers in New York City and explore the economics of giving in the final podcast of 2016.

  • November 2016 Economic Snapshot

    Citi Bike is a wildly popular bike share program in New York City – but who exactly uses it, and why? This month, we merge into the bike lane and get the economic data on the city's cycling successes.

  • October 2016 Economic Snapshot

    This month, we explore the food distribution study—recently released by NYCEDC and the Mayor's Office—with experts from both the Center for Urban Innovation and Development. You won't want to miss this month's podcast!

  • September 2016 Economic Snapshot

    Join Simon Mullin and Eric Goodnight from NYCEDC for a lively discussion with Andrew Perry on the impact of the fashion industry on New York City's economy.

  • August 2016 Economic Snapshot

    A discussion with Kimberly Grauer on the "Innovation Index," and we explore the role that innovation plays in New York City's economy.

  • July 2016 Economic Snapshot

    A breakdown of education investment and employment in New York City's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, as well as the regular summary.

  • June 2016 Economic Snapshot

    A closer look at international tourism's effect on the New York City Economy.

  • May 2016 Economic Snapshot

    The impact and importance of international trade to New York City’s economy, as well as our regular summary.

  • April 2016 Economic Snapshot

    A closer look at New York City’s biodiversity in addition to the regular summary

  • March 2016 Economic Snapshot

    A look at gender and opportunity in NYC as well as our regular summary.

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