Economic Snapshots

  • Economic Snapshot - Volume 3, 2018

    Unemployment in New York City fell to a record low in February 2018; construction on new housing spiked in Queens.

  • Economic Snapshot - Volume 2, 2018

    Residential construction surged in January, led by the Bronx; Broadway’s best week ever drove a strong month for tourism.

  • Economic Snapshot - Volume 1, 2018

    Unemployment fell for the third straight month; Venture capital investment closed 2017 with a near-record-breaking quarter.

  • December 2017 Economic Snapshot

    Private sector employment rose after a three-month slump

  • November 2017 Economic Snapshot

    Unemployment decreased, wages increased.

  • October 2017 Economic Snapshot

    Wages increased in September, reversing August declines

  • September 2017 Economic Snapshot

    Tourism grew at a brisk pace, led by arrivals from abroad.

  • August 2017 Economic Snapshot

    The private sector saw dramatic job growth for the third consecutive month and home values continued to rise with signs of a steadying housing market.

  • July 2017 Economic Snapshot

    Private sector job growth saw a sharp rise for the second month in a row, and a special guest joins the podcast to talk NYCxDESIGN 2017.

  • June 2017 Economic Snapshot

    It’s been just eight years since the height of the Great Recession, but now economists are debating whether New York City—and the nation as a whole—are currently in an era of “full employment."

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