Compliance Reporting

NYCEDC has Compliance Specialists that work with NYCEDC, NYCIDA, as well as Build NYC project companies who benefit from our financial programs and/or loans. To receive benefits, our project companies have agreed to regularly report specific details about their organizations. We collect this information to help them remain in good standing.

Many NYCIDA Agreements, NYCEDC Contracts of Sale or NYCCRC / Build NYC Loan Agreements require our projects to report specific information that may include insurance, employment and benefits information.  Below you can find useful information about our reporting requirements, common compliance reporting forms and information about benefits issued to projects.

If you have any questions not answered here on the Compliance Resources page, please contact our Compliance hotline at 212-312-3963 or

NYCEDC Online Reporting System

Go paperless and submit annual reporting requirements through NYCEDC's online reporting system.  Learn how to enroll in our online reporting system today!

Report the following faster and easier than ever before:

  • Employment & Benefits Reports;
  • Living Wage Survey;
  • Subtenant Occupancy Surveys;
  • Certificate of Interest Rate Swap;
  • Location Survey;
  • And more!

Employment & Benefits Report

Each year, our projects are required by City and State legislation to report certain employment and benefit utilization.  Download copies and examples of the following forms to fulfill reporting obligations:

  • Employment & Benefits Forms
  • Living Wage Attachment
  • Subtenant Employment & Benefit Form
  • Certificate of Interest Rate Swap
  • Fresh Certifcation
  • NYS-45 Summary Page

Not sure how to fill out your Project's Employment & Benefits Report?  Check out our e-learning session!

Subtenancy Occupancy

On an annual basis, our projects are required to report certain information relating to subtenants.  Download the following forms to fulfill reporting requirements:

  • Subtenant Occupancy Survey
  • Subtenant Consent Application

Have questions about the Stubtenant Occupancy Survey? Read our helpful FAQ.

Please Note - Projects may require NYCIDA, or Build NYC approval prior to entering into any sublease at eligible project locations.  Please contact us if you are contemplating entering into a lease.  If you are aware of a Project that has already entered into a sublease, contact the compliance hotline immediately at 212-312-3963 or  

Other Documents

Download other documents that may be required to be submitted pursuant to your Agreement with NYCEDC, NYCIDA, NYCCRC and Build NYC, including:

  • Annual Scholarship Certificate
  • ST-60
  • ST-340
  • Compliance Calendars
  • Late Fee Guidelines
  • Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act