New York Works Industry Spotlight

Released in June 2017, New York Works is the City’s roadmap for creating 100,000 good jobs over the next ten years. New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) publishes New York Works Industry Spotlight to introduce the public to important industries and job-creating initiatives that the City is adopting, as well as to explore how both contribute to the City’s ten-year goal.

The VR/AR Revolution

Virtual reality (VR) offers the user a digitally rendered, simulated experience of the physical world by utilizing specialized equipment, such as goggles and sensor-equipped gloves. Augmented reality (AR) provides the user with computer-enhanced views of the physical world by overlaying digital content on top of reality. Innovations in VR/AR will make a transformative impact across numerous sectors, including anchor industries in New York City such as healthcare, real estate, and the cultural sector. Download the report to learn more about this emerging hotbed of innovation in New York City, including local industry data, opportunities for growth, and upcoming initiatives.

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NYCEDC was also joined by Kurt Becker, Vice Dean for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, to discuss his thoughts on VR/AR technology, innovation, and what it means for New York City.

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