On July 7, 2009, Mayor Bloomberg announced eight initiatives aimed at strengthening and growing the media and technology sectors in New York City.

The initiatives focus on: (1) increasing collaboration among media industry representatives, including new and traditional media channels and the City’s universities, as well as between new and traditional media channels; (2) attracting and training top talent to maintain New York City’s competitiveness in the global marketplace; and (3) recruiting leading foreign media companies and helping New York City-based companies expand abroad. View the Media Initiatives Press Release.

The initiatives are based on recommendations from MediaNYC 2020, a program launched by Mayor Bloomberg and NYCEDC on February 18, 2009, which has included more than 200 discussions with media and technology industry CEOs and other executives. The program aims at creating a better understanding of what the media industry will look like in 2020 and finding ways the City and private sector can work together to maintain and enhance New York City’s position as a global leader.

View the MediaNYC2020 Press Release.

Download the Media.NYC.2020 report.