Green NYC 2025 – Opportunities in Cleantech’s Digital Evolution


Green and clean technologies have long promised to drive economic growth while addressing sustainability challenges. Launched in 2011, Green NYC 2025 set out to help fulfill this promise in New York City over the coming decade. In partnership with industry leaders and stakeholders, NYCEDC evaluated New York City’s current position in the global cleantech market, identified the highest-potential opportunities, and recommended actions to accelerate local growth.  Green NYC 2025 found that New York City stands poised to lead “Green 2.0,” the next generation of green and cleantech innovation, which strongly aligns with New York City’s assets and strengths in software, finance, data, and analytics. While unique barriers need to be overcome in order for local businesses to reach their full potential, targeted initiatives to support company formation and growth will position New York City as a leader of the green industries of 2025 and beyond.


The study’s Final Report, “Green NYC 2025 – Opportunities in Cleantech’s Digital Evolution," can be found here:

Green NYC 2025 Final Report