Yankee Stadium Area Redevelopment Project

  • Yankee Stadium Area Redevelopment Project
  • Yankee Stadium Area Redevelopment Project
  • Heritage Field
  • Heritage Field
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  • Mill Pond Park
  • Track and soccer field
Last Updated September 12, 2016

NYCEDC has helped to create additional green space and new jobs while spurring private investment to support the new Yankee Stadium.

Project Details

As part of the award winning Yankee Stadium Area Redevelopment Project, the City spent $195 million to build four new parks with high-quality recreational facilities including:

  • Three championship-quality, grass athletic fields with historical markers along a promenade that outlines the footprint of the old Yankee Stadium at Macomb Dam Park
  • An all-weather soccer and football field surrounded by a 400-meter competition-quality track, four basketball courts, fitness equipment area, and eight handball courts at Macomb Dam Park
  • A skate park, water fountain, and playground at the River Avenue Parks
  • Waterfront esplanade with open space, sixteen tennis courts, a tennis center, and a picnic area along the Harlem River at the Mill Pond Park

To replace the 351 trees that were lost due to the construction of the new Yankee Stadium, more than 8,000 trees were planted in the vicinity of the venue.

In support of the new construction, NYCEDC leveraged City, State, and Federal tax programs to induce millions of dollars in private investment. Over 1,600 additional jobs were created at the new Yankee Stadium.

These new positions include year-round, full-time jobs in front-office operations, in-season full-time and part-time jobs, as well as contract positions. The new Yankee Stadium employs 4,047 people, an increase of over 1,600 jobs from the team's previous stadium.

Transformation of Macomb Dam Park

The Yankee Stadium Area Redevelopment Project received Real Estate and Construction Review's Building of America award and was featured in the New York/Philadelphia Edition of the publication. The Real Estate and Construction Review lauded the project:

After reviewing project submissions on hundreds of terrific new construction and renovation projects, Yankee Stadium Redevelopment project - Parking Structures was rated as one of the most imaginative, unique, innovative and dynamic projects in the New York/Philadelphia area, thereby winning the "Building of America" Award.

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Project Highlights

Borough: Bronx
Created an additional 1,600 jobs in the Bronx
Leveraged millions of dollars in private investment
Will add several acres of green space, state-of-the-art public athletic facilities, and other amenities
Recipient of Real Estate & Construction Review magazine's Building of America Award

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