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Last Updated September 12, 2016

Waterfront Navigator is New York City's one-stop permit planner for businesses and developers seeking environmental permits for waterfront construction.


Waterfront Navigator is an NYCEDC-led resource project that serves as a one-stop permitting information center for waterfront developers, providing a centralized source of information to help streamline the process of obtaining state and federal permits. The website helps permit applicants determine requirements, as well as set permitting expectations, so that developers can submit higher-quality applications thereby reducing time required to review and approve permit applications.

Visit www.waterfrontnavigator.nyc for more information.

Solving a Confusing Process

Businesses doing construction, repairs, and maintenance along New York City’s waterfront face a confusing permitting process. Construction still requires applicants to navigate multiple jurisdictions of waterfront regulation, and the timing and complexity in pursuing permits is known to be slow, and it can impede upon vital waterfront development.

With the launch of Waterfront Navigator, NYCEDC is bringing all of the regulatory bodies together to create and share a common resource to waterfront environmental permitting.

The idea for Waterfront Navigator came during the Waterfront Action Agenda (part of the Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy). This partnership of City agencies gathered input from hundreds of New Yorkers in order to identify high-priority projects that could improve waterfront investment. Among the 125 projects was the idea to establish a one-stop website that would rationalize governmental regulation of the waterfront and waterways, and improve governmental oversight across federal, state, and local jurisdictions. In 2016, Waterfront Navigator was launched for the public.

Economic Benefits

Waterfront Navigator aims to improve the permit application process and reduce regulatory review times for business owners seeking to construct waterfront projects. Comprehensive information and clear expectations around regulation steps, milestones, timeframes, and decision-making will produce higher quality applications, and reduce review times, thereby facilitating greater certainty around project outcomes and faster implementation of waterfront projects. 


This project is in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), New York State Department of State (NYSDOS), the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the New York City Department of City Planning (NYCDCP). The project is funded in part by the Empire State Development Corporation. 

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