Pier 1 on Staten Island

  • Buoy bell on Pier 1
  • A compass rose on Pier 1
  • Details of a compass rose on Pier 1
  • Furniture on Pier 1
  • Historic structures and amenities on Pier 1
  • Large buoy on Pier 1
Last Updated September 12, 2016

Restored, rehabilitated and ready for all to enjoy, Pier 1 pays tribute to its nautical past.


Together, NYCEDC and the Environmental Protection Fund, with a substantial investment from the City, improved and rehabilitated the Pier 1's structure. Graphic elements and amenities were added to pay tribute to its legacy.

At one time, Pier 1 was known as the Lighthouse Pier, fabricating and shipping lighthouse lenses globally. To honor this history, a beautiful, interpretive compass rose was created pointing to lighthouses around the world. The Pier also boasts a series red and green buoys, in a of variety styles, to further highlight the nautical history of this significant structure.

For the community’s enjoyment, new lighting, handrails, benches, tables, and chairs were also installed. Plus, there is a new fish cleaning table for the growing population of anglers who frequent this popular fishing spot.

With new amenities and illuminating views of the river, Pier 1 will be a joyful destination for years to come.

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Borough: Staten Island
Rehabilitation of pile encasements
New lighting, handrails, benches, chairs and tables
Historic nautical references and objects

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Public Space