Jewish Community Center of Staten Island

  • Solar panels on the roof at 1466 Manor Road.
Last Updated September 12, 2016

The Jewish Community Center of Staten Island is one of the largest social service agencies in the borough. NYCEDC's Funding Agreements department managed approximately $570,000 in City capital funds to enable the JCC to install a solar electric system on its roof. 

For over eighty years, the JCC has provided essential social, cultural, recreational, educational, nutritional, and counseling services and programs to people of varying ages throughout Staten Island. 

This project will allow the JCC to reduce its electricity consumption, dependency on fossil fuels, and carbon footprint. The 103.005 kW photovoltaic system, which consists of 315 panels, is estimated to produce 111,848 kWh of energy—equivalent to 1,684 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions each year.

The JCC offers education and outreach to thousands of community members. The solar panel system will empower it to demonstrate and encourage sustainable practices as well as support the expansion of renewable energy use in New York City.

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