Jackson Avenue Streetscape Project

  • New median and street lights
  • New landscaping
  • New median and street lights
  • New public open space
Last Updated September 12, 2016

Completed in 2010, Phase 1 of The Jackson Avenue Streetscape Project is redefining Jackson Avenue as Long Island City’s main business corridor.


Jackson Avenue is the main corridor of Long Island City’s business district. The Jackson Avenue Streetscape project transformed this avenue into an attractive, landscaped boulevard with new lighting, streetscape amenities, and an improved roadway design.

A landscaped median serves as the centerpiece of these improvements. The project also includes the redesign and expansion of the triangular parks surrounding Court Square, which were completed and opened to the public in Fall 2009. The project was funded with $17.1M in City Capital funds.

The improvements are part of larger effort to fully realize NYCEDC's vision for Long Island City, which stands to benefit enormously from a 2001 rezoning that allows for high-density development at Queens Plaza and Court Square. Since the 2001 rezoning, increased development in Long Island City has been underway. The Jackson Avenue project further contributes to the development of this critical central business district. 

The Phase I improvements, which extend from Queens Plaza to 23rd Street, were completed in fall 2010.

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Project Highlights

Borough: Queens
Enhanced roadways
Landscaped medians
Streetscape improvements
Redesign and expansion of surrounding open spaces

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