Flushing Meadows Pool and Ice Rink

  • © David Sundberg / Esto.
  • © David Sundberg / Esto.
  • © David Sundberg / Esto.
  • © David Sundberg / Esto.
  • © David Sundberg / Esto.
Last Updated September 12, 2016

In February 2008, this new, premier pool and NHL regulation ice rink in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens opened its doors for all to enjoy.


This striking $66.3 million recreational facility boasts an Olympic size pool and NHL regulation ice rink. It is the first of its kind in the City and includes ADA accessible features. At 110,000 square feet, the facility is the largest recreation complex ever built in a city park and the first public pool to be built in four decades. Stunningly modern in design and architectural statement, a bridge-like cable suspension system supports the spectacular arched roof allowing for future expansion.

At the building’s heart is a 50 by 25 meter ADA accessible swimming pool, holding one million gallons of 80° F water. To optimize public programming, the pool includes two moveable bulkheads to configure the swimming area for different competitions and a portion of floor which moves vertically to allow for public use simultaneously. Dramatic views of Flushing Meadow Corona Park, the site of two twentieth century World's Fairs, can be enjoyed through the grand window wall opposite the spectator seats.

Adjacent to the pool stands the 85 by 200 foot indoor ice hockey rink which opened its doors in 2009. The City-built rink includes spectator seating for 440, lockers, a snack bar, and a network of copper piping that is used to make ice.

The project's success can be measured by the thriving use of the facility and the multitude of youth programs offered year round. Since opening in February 2008, tens of thousands of New Yorkers have become members at the pool. The rink enjoys similar success, having over 100,000 patrons use the skating facility since its opening.


  • Free programs and classes for people of all ages presented by New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (view schedule)
  • A tank with a state-of-the-art movable pool floor for flexible swimming and diving
  • A mezzanine bleacher section that seats over 400 spectators
  • An outdoor terrace


  • Skating lessons and hockey programs (view schedule)
  • Freestyle skating sessions
  • Figure skating and hockey skills summer camps


Project Highlights

Borough: Queens
Architects: Handel Architects in association with Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman Architects, PC
Cost: $66.3 million
110,000 square feet
Largest facility ever built in a NYC park

Divisions Involved