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Last Updated October 30, 2017

Industry Lives in East New York
East New York is home to a variety of businesses that make the area a thriving industrial zone, providing accessible jobs to New Yorkers of all backgrounds. Learn more about the industries that live in East New York, highlighted in our recent marketing campaign >


The East New York IBZ is a thriving industrial area with a concentration of 250 businesses and over 3,000 jobs. Historically recognized for its cluster of metal finishing and fabricators, companies specializing in these sectors still exist in the IBZ today. The area’s supreme public transit access makes it one of the most well connected industrial areas in the City. 

Since 1997, NYCEDC has sold 30 formerly City-owned vacant properties to industrial businesses for their expansion and relocation to East New York, resulting in the creation of more than 625 jobs and more than $25 million in private investment.

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East New York IBZ Planning Study

NYCEDC, on behalf of the City of New York, worked closely with Councilman Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. of the 37th District, on the East New York IBZ Planning Study to support and grow this historic industrial area. This study resulted in five strategies and twenty recommendations supported by a commitment of a total of $16.7 Million in capital projects for the ENY IBZ.  The strategies aim to position the IBZ for growth, building upon its roots as an industrial hub, and better connecting it to local residents and workforce. To view the East New York IBZ Plan, please click here.

Recent Involvement in East New York

  • NYCEDC is concurrently working to retain existing businesses and attract new businesses to the ENY IBZ.  NYCEDC worked with UltraFlex, a flexible plastic packaging manufacturer, to keep the company in East New York, its home for over 40 years.  As part of a deal with the NYCIDA, we helped to retin its existing 260 employees and add an additional 50 jobs, all of which will be sourced via HireNYC.

  • NYCEDC worked with Eastern Effects, a video and film production company, to convert a 25,000 SF warehouse on Georgia Avenue into new film studios, creating new good-paying permanent jobs.

  • NYCEDC worked with the East Brooklyn BID to redesign the four gateway industrial park signs located on Liberty Avenue at Powell Street and Sheffield Street and on Pitkin Avenue at Powell Street and Sheffield Street.  The newly revamped designs paired with new painting and repaired electricity serve to rebrand the area and are a sign of the new investment in the business district.

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Project Highlights

Borough: Brooklyn
100-acre area
Over 3,000 jobs
Over 100 industrial and manufacturing businesses
625 permanent jobs created since 1997