Citywide Ferry

Why is the City creating a Citywide Ferry Service?

A Citywide Ferry will provide additional access to affordable and convenient transit options for residents who live in neighborhoods that have limited public transportation options.

Where are all of the stops for the expanded ferry service?

  • South Brooklyn route: Bay Ridge, Red Hook, Atlantic Avenue / Pier 6, Fulton/DUMBO, Pier 11 / Wall Street 
  • Astoria route: Astoria, Long Island City – North, Roosevelt Island, East 34th Street, Pier 11 / Wall Street 
  • Rockaway route: Rockaway, Brooklyn Army Terminal, Pier 11 / Wall Street 
  • Lower East Side: Long Island City – North, East 34th Street, East 23rd Street, Grand Street, Pier 11 / Wall Street 
  • Soundview route: Soundview, East 90th Street, East 62nd Street, Wall Street/Pier 11 

How were stops for each route selected?

The 2013 Citywide Ferry Study looked at about 60 sites around the City to determine their potential to support ferry service. The sites ultimately chosen were selected based on ridership potential for commuting trips, navigability and infrastructure needs. Routes were developed to effectively serve these locations while considering total ridership potential, financial viability and transit equity. 

What will happen to East River Ferry service?

Our goal is to fully integrate the East River Ferry into the Citywide Ferry Service, and we will work with the current East River Ferry operator to do so. 

What is the anticipated ridership for these new routes?

We expect the new routes to transport about 4.5 million riders per year. Currently, the East River Ferry carries around 1.2 million riders per year. 

Will boats be ADA accessible?

Yes, vessel designs must comply with ADA requirements and Local Law 68. 

Will riders be able to use MetroCards to pay for a ferry ride?

Not at this time. The MTA is planning to phase out the existing MetroCard. We are working with the MTA to explore options for integrating with their next payment model.

Will the service offer discounted tickets to local residents?

It is too early to say. When we enter into discussions with potential operator(s), we will explore a pricing plan that offers the most benefit to those who may use the ferry. 

How can I ask additional questions?

Yes, please email [email protected] with any additional questions. 

How can I receive updates about Citywide Ferry?

Please visit the www.nycedc.com/ferry.