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Waterfront Facilities Maintenance Management System

The Citywide Waterfront Inspection Program conducts waterfront inspections of the City’s entire portfolio of coastal and waterfront assets.

In 2013 the City introduced the first comprehensive coastal protection plan to protect against the impacts of climate change in A Stronger, More Resilient New York.  The report called to implement citywide waterfront inspections to better manage the City’s waterfront and coastal assets.  New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) performs these inspections according to the Inspection Guidelines Manual written for the Waterfront Facilities Maintenance Management System.    

The Citywide Waterfront Inspection Program goals are to:

  • Improve asset management by providing critical information regarding condition and the ability to support the facilities use and safety.
  • Reduce asset costs by implementing a proactive management system.
  • Maximize the use of the City’s waterfront through a better understanding of conditions and needs. 
  • Improving long-term resiliency by planning ahead and performing life cycle analysis that accounts for climate change/sea level rise.

Waterfront Inspection History

In 1991 the department of Ports and Trade was eliminated and the agency’s waterfront and market portfolio was transferred to The Department of Small Business Services (“DSBS”) in 1992. Simultaneously, NYCEDC entered into two contracts with DSBS to manage these portfolios on their behalf.

In 1999 EDC created the Waterfront Inspection Guidelines Manual to establish a standard operating procedure for inspecting city assets. The guidelines are based on standard engineering practice as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers (“ASCE”) inspection manual and US Navy guidelines. In 2016, the manual was updated to reflect the present standards and to include procedures for inspecting new asset types such as beaches and wetlands. To download a copy of the manual, click on the link in the panel on the upper right.

In order to better understand the City’s waterfront, EDC has embarked on a multiple phase mapping project aimed at gathering information along the City’s coast including structure descriptions, locations and high resolution imagery. The third and final phase of this project is currently underway and is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Waterfront Facilities Maintenance Management System Application

In 2011 the Waterfront Facilities Maintenance Management System (“WFMMS”) was completed as an asset management tool to track and manage the City’s waterfront assets including facility ownership, responsibility, site limits, and inspection data.  The system is a web-based application and includes a SQL database, ArcGIS map, and 360 degree high definition photographs of the entire 520 miles of New York City waterfront.To login or create an account for the application, please go to