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Smart Grid at the Brooklyn Army Terminal

In partnership with Con Edison, NYCEDC developed a smart grid demonstration project at the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) in Sunset Park.


With over 1 million buildings, aging infrastructure, the second highest energy prices in the country and increasing demand for energy, NYCEDC recognizes that New York City is well positioned to benefit from the proliferation of energy management technologies. In order to demonstrate the viability of innovative energy management solutions, NYCEDC, in partnership with Con Edison, developed a smart grid demonstration project at the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) in Sunset Park.

Program Components

The smart grid system at BAT integrates three main components:

  1. A 100 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array; 
  2. A building management system (BMS); and 
  3. A 720 kWh battery for on-site energy storage capable of delivering 100 kW for 4 hours.

Funded in part by a grant from the US Department of Energy, the project demonstrates the benefits of onsite renewable energy generation coupled with energy storage and management systems for reducing peak demand energy use and demand response. Through integration with Viridity Energy’s V-Power software, BAT can respond to demand response events issued by Con Edison and alleviate constraints on the grid.

Learn more about the Smart Grid Demonstration at Grid Market.


By implementing the project, analyzing the outcomes and sharing lessons learned, the smart grid demonstration project at BAT has the potential to support the growth of the energy storage industry in New York City, create local jobs and attract private investment in the development and widespread adoption of innovative energy management technologies. These technologies offer the potential to help the City of New York reach its sustainability and resiliency goals, including an 80% reduction in citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.