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NYCEDC Nonprofit Capital Project Planning Workshop Series

NYCEDC's Nonprofit Capital Construction Project Planning Workshop holds a series of two-day workshops designed to help organizations plan capital projects, including the renovation of facilities, acquisition of spaces, or new construction.

Capital Planning Workshop Information

Navigating the City's capital funding requirements can be difficult for nonprofits, so we're making it easy to understand with a series workshop for non-profit organizations in New York CIty. Participants will learn how to prepare and plan a capital campaign, as well as gain a thorough understanding of the City's capital funding process with an in-depth explanation of the Capital Funding Application.

The workshops are led by a team of consultants at the NYCEDC offices. Networking time is allotted during the program, and attendants are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences.  

Capital Planning Workshop Presentation

The workshop will cover important questions, including:

  • How do I plan for a capital project?

  • How can I fiscally plan, monitor, and report on capital projects?

  • How do I prepare for managing a construction project?

  • How can my nonprofit set appropriate staffing levels?

  • And much more

Workshop topics include:

  • Strategic Project Planning, Board Engagement, Fundraising 
  • Financial Oversight and Business Planning
  • Design and Construction
  • City Capital Discretionary Process

The workshops are designed to walk participants through the various steps of a capital program, as well as assist them with how to make changes to existing organizational and programmatic structures that need to be considered when planning a capital campaign.

 Workshop Topics 

Topic 1: Strategic Project Planning, Board Engagement, and Fundraising

  • Questions and concerns regarding strategic planning and board involvement during all phases of the project will be addressed. Nonprofits will gain an understanding of the tools needed when undertaking a project.

Topic 2: Financial Oversight and Business Planning

  • This topic will provide a high-level overview of capital budgets and planning; cash flow to cover operating costs; and a business plan for post-construction costs and project sustainability.

Topics 3: Design and Construction

  • Nonprofits will learn basic construction terms; the skills to negotiate with contractors; and an understanding of the relationships between the organization, architect, construction manager and owner’s rep.

Topic 4: City Capital Discretionary Process

  • NYCEDC will discuss New York City’s project approval process and how to prepare for it. Discussion topics include prevailing wage requirements, the capital application process, and project guidelines.  

About the Presenters

  • NYCEDC Funding Agreements Department helps organizations with the New York City capital funding process. Projects that receive City funding are provided with project support, oversight, and management to completion. The Funding Agreements Department collaborates with stakeholders to contribute to the development and implementation of best practices. With experience assisting a variety of organizations to bring their city capitally funded projects to fruition, the Funding Agreements Department aims to facilitate organic, community focused growth and economic development.

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