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NYC Broadband Map

NYC Broadband Map provides an up-to-date view of the availability of broadband infrastructure in the city’s commercial buildings, as well as a view of emerging demand for broadband services in the city’s commercial buildings and neighborhoods. Commercial tenants interested in upgrading their service can submit requests to ISPs directly through the map.

As fast and reliable broadband access becomes increasingly critical for economic development across key sectors, particularly the emerging technology industry, the City of New York has created a NYC Broadband Map, which showcases the city’s broadband capacity and demand.

The map provides broadband availability data at the building level, gathers crowd-sourced data on broadband availability and demand, and facilitates connections between ISPs and tenants seeking upgraded service.

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For Tenants and Businesses

The map is a valuable tool for commercial businesses to help guide relocation decisions based on broadband access. Tenants who register will be able to see which buildings have fiber and what other tenants are saying about their connectivity, as well as submit service requests directly to participating ISPs. Companies who rely on fast and reliable Internet service for their daily business operations will be able to make informed relocation decisions.

For Landlords and Building Owners

Landlords, Property Managers, and Building Owners are encouraged to join the conversation about connectivity in New York City. Through the map, you will be able to submit comments requesting service or speed improvements to your buildings. You'll also be able to see what tenants in your building are saying about connectivity, allowing you to be in touch with and responsive to their Internet needs.

For Internet Service Providers

Twelve partner ISPs have agreed to share information for the map on where their high-speed broadband service is available. Participating ISPs can view information and receive notifications about emerging demand and customer comments, making it easier to connect directly to potential customers who need service improvements. ISPs interested in participating should contact [email protected] for more information.

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