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Next Top Makers Past Finalists and Winners

2013 Next Top Maker Winner

PowerClip, a device that gives first responders immediate access to power in the wake of an emergency, was the 2013 Next Top Maker Winner. 

The compact unit provides an efficient and inexpensive power source to charge appliances through USB from a car battery. PowerClip will receive $11,000 to continue growing their business.

PowerClip was conceived days after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States, leaving over 8 million homes without power. With power lines down and many neighborhoods inaccessible, citizens were left to find creative ways to coordinate rescue and relief efforts for themselves and their communities.

2013 Next Top Maker Finalists

Six finalists were chosen from more than 50 entries.

  • Nautilus Bowl is the only bowl for people with hand disabilities, like tremors, painful joints, or reduced dexterity that is ergonomic to hold and dignified to use.
  • MYBELL is an electronic bicycle bell that retains the feel of the classic bicycle bell design.  It combines LED lighting and a high-volume sound player to alert pedestrians and cyclists to a rider’s presence. 
  • Tangeez are building modules that light-up and change color as you play with them.  Circular in shape, individually powered and internally illuminated, Tangeez are both an interactive toy and design object.
  • Bonus Table is a customizable furniture system.  Universal segmented legs allow you to design the table that's right for you and your evolving life.
  • Slide Table is the popular choice finalist.  It is an aesthetic and functional solution to both dining and decor.  A variable length table surface, Slide Table stores flat on the wall conserving space when not in use, and easily slides down and out to serve as a shelf, a desk or a dining table up to 6 feet long.

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