Metropolitan Rail Freight Council (MRFC) Action Plan

The MRFC is a coalition of public and private organizations dedicated to promoting greater rail freight use in the New York City-New Jersey metropolitan region.

About MRFC

The council pursues projects and initiatives that will improve rail assets, reduce air pollution, ensure competition in the region’s supply chain, and spur economic development.

U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) serves as chair, and NYCEDC and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey coordinate MRFC activity on behalf of the council.

MRFC Action Plan

The MRFC Action Plan tracks progress on high-priority projects and initiatives, which enables our partners to collaborate and overcome common challenges. The MRFC Action Plan also provides readers with an introduction to rail freight in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region, as well as the environmental benefits of moving freight by rail and the challenges to increasing rail freight volume. 

The MRFC Action Plan Project List, located in the plan’s appendix, is a compilation of projects that council partners agree must be implemented. MRFC partners are encouraged to identify potential new projects in our region to achieve our vision, mission, and goals.

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Executive Summary

Economic growth and development rest largely on trade between cities and their regional and international partners.

The volume of cargo moving through the national rail network is vast, and the fact is that investing in rail freight infrastructure can improve the quality of life for people living in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region, and the nation as a whole. Rail freight creates competitively priced goods through fuel savings and contributes to cleaner air and safer streets by reducing the number of trucks on our roadways. Challenges to increasing rail freight volume in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region remain, however, due to physical infrastructure constraints, increasing land values, and community concerns, among others.

The MRFC is addressing the challenges facing the rail freight industry in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. The council supports activities that increase the volume of rail freight entering and leaving the region, and the MRFC Action Plan highlights several initiatives that can help reach that goal. Read the full report here.