Programs for Entrepreneurs

DigitalWork NYC

DigitalWork NYC was a training and employment program that connected individuals to the digital economy.   

DigitalWork NYC targeted young adults that are neither in school nor working as participants. It combined training with paid work experience through online work. Participants completed digital tasks (e.g., transcription, image tagging) while they obtained nationally recognized certifications, built a resume and employment history in the digital space, and helped participants create a pathway towards technology jobs.

Program participants received computer training certifications in Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Participants also “earned while they learned” completing online tasks under guidance and instruction in the classroom. The online work tasks were large work orders from technology-based companies like Ebay, Overstock and Facebook that were broken down into smaller tasks.

Upon program completion, participants received career counseling and support toward one of three program pathways including jobs/internships and additional education and/or training.

Classes began on a rolling basis at each of our partner locations. Each office welcomed participants from all boroughs.