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Digital Health Marketplace

Digital Health Marketplace connects buyers and sellers of enterprise-ready health technologies through curated matchmaking, technical assistance, and competitive funding for pre-sale pilot projects

Digital Health Marketplace NYCDigital Health Marketplace (formerly Pilot Health Tech NYC) connects buyers and sellers of enterprise-ready health technologies through curated matchmaking, technical assistance, and competitive funding for pre-sale pilot projects. We aim to accelerate the diffusion of useful technologies that will help NYC's hospitals, health systems, payers, and clinics transform healthcare across the five boroughs. The initiative complements the Digital Health Breakthrough Network, which helps earlier-stage technologies validate their prototypes through research pilots in real-world but low-cost settings.

The Digital Health Marketplace initiative includes a Matching Program and a Funding Program. Companies that apply to the Matching Program will be introduced to prospective clients who have already identified the companies' tools as likely to meet their business needs. Companies and prospective clients can apply to the Funding Program for a chance to defray up to 50% of the cost of a pilot project whose goal is to validate a technology for commercial use.

This initiative was developed by NYCEDC in partnership with Health 2.0 and is administered by Health 2.0. Visit for more information.

Digital Health Marketplace Matchmaking Application

Success to Date

To date, the program has helped participants to:

  • Reach tens of thousands of patients through dozens of pilot projects that have been substantially de-risked by the Funding Program
  • Meet in nearly 600 curated introductions to discuss sales opportunities
  • Create over 110 jobs

Program Goals

The program aims to:

  1. Encourage the diffusion of new technologies to improve clinical care, reduce care costs, and boost consumer wellness
  2. Assist technology companies in building long-lasting relationships with existing NYC healthcare stakeholders
  3. Lay the groundwork for the creation and growth of new businesses in NYC

The program helps innovators and hosts “match” with each other through facilitated matchmaking sessions and seeks innovators and hosts to submit joint proposals for innovative pilot projects.

Funding Program

Up to $1,000,000 in total awards through 2018:

  • The Funding Program will defray up to 50% of the cost of pilots selected for funding, up to a maximum value determined by the complexity of the pilot.

Winners will also receive the following:

  • In-kind donation of services or resources from your partner 'host' or 'innovator,' including staff hours, IT resources, physician input, access to data, and other costs associated with the pilot.
  • Pilot planning and implementation support from the program organizers, NYCEDC, and Health 2.0
  • Invitation to Grantee Day, an exclusive event for winners of the program, where 'hosts' and 'innovators' receive additional mentorship, enjoy networking, and benefit from PR assistance and legal advice. Grantee Day helps winners ready their pilots for launch, with expert speakers providing guidance on measurement, evaluation, and other best practices.
  • Participation and promotion in major health events and conferences for selected winners

Previous recipients of Funding Program awards

View the winners from the 2013 and 2014 Funding Programs. 

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