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Digital Health Marketplace

Digital Health Marketplace connects buyers and sellers of enterprise-ready health technologies through curated matchmaking.

Digital Health Marketplace (formerly Pilot Health Tech NYC) connects buyers and sellers of health technology through curated matchmaking. We aim to accelerate the diffusion of useful technologies that will help New York City's hospitals, health systems, payers, and clinics transform healthcare across the five boroughs. Visit the Digital Health Marketplace website for more information.

The Digital Health Marketplace facilitates a Matching Program that brings together digital health innovators and digital health customers. Companies that apply to the Matching Program will be introduced to prospective clients who have already identified the companies' tools as likely to meet their business needs.

This initiative complements the Digital Health Breakthrough Network, which helps earlier-stage technologies validate their prototypes through research pilots in real-world, but low-cost settings.

Program Goals

The program aims to:

  1. Encourage the diffusion of new technologies to improve clinical care, reduce care costs, and improve patient health outcomes
  2. Assist technology companies in building long-lasting relationships with existing New York City healthcare stakeholders
  3. Lay the groundwork for the creation and growth of new businesses in New York City

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